Activity with The Book : The Greedy Dog

Maryam loves dog (only the plush toy)

So we read one of her favorite book with the title The Greedy Dog. We had repeatedly read this book together for years.

This time around we learnt about reflection. 

The dog saw another dog in the water.

So I explained about what is reflection. But we used mirror. Maybe next time when my mood come for mess play, I will use water.

We also demonstrate how the dog hold its bone and how the bone fell into the water, we hold crayon in our mouth and try to ”woof”. ?

We also explore what is greedy.

Afterwards we tried to identify the word ‘Dog’

I asked Maryam to circle the word ‘Dog’

Of course Hannah love this as well.

Let’s circle the word dog

Maryam also tried to write the word on small paper in various colors. Well, she loves dog.

Reading is just more than trying to know the ABC. It’s much more than that.

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