Baby Hajar’s First Sensory Play : Nestum Flakes

Baby Hajar has experienced lots of sensory in real life. But since we recently rarely go outside, I tried to make sensory play for baby Hajar to have some fun.

If you’re a momma, you would know that babies really love to ‘make a mess’ which is actually they are trying to explore new things.

For this sensory play, I found nestum flakes that we bought during my confinement period.

I put it into a clear container and off you go.

Baby Hajar love it so much!

She tried to grab it, scoop it, spread it on the floor and much more.

Amazingly she didn’t put any of those into her mouth although she is known to love putting things in her mouth.


Later Maryam & Hannah joined and conquer the session and that’s the end of baby Hajar’s play.


That’s okay because we get to cuddle and she’s getting her milk after a long play.

For this play, on the clean-up session, Maryam helped sweep and vacuum the nestum flakes.

Later the play evolved into treasure hunting pastas. I would post about this later.

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