Carrot Stamping : Fine Motor Skill

I was cooking spaghetti with grated carrot, then suddenly an idea came to make Carrot Stamping Watercolor with the kids.

As you can see here, I only managed to do Uppercase letter.

Carved using kitchen’s knife

O for Ochee, it’s what we called Hannah. A for Anas. M for Maryam. Ha again for Hannah. The letter I because recently we are reading together ‘I’

The kids love this.

They stamped randomly, and later I show them how to make flowers.

Hannah also discovered how to make butterfly. She stamped on one side, and she folded the paper.

Initially just because she wanted to hand to me to show her work.

When I opened the paper I was amazed and surprised her with her beautiful butterfly.

Afterwards we dried the papers.

Since we have few paper clip left, I asked them to help me bind all those art of them, into a book.

Maryam punching using punch holder

We’ve done this before. But this time I asked for their help because they were so eager to help.

They were introduced to punch holder and what it can do.

How to make it perfectly bind. 

Hannah and Anas just want to punch papers.

But Maryam and Muhammad wanted to make the book.

I allowed them some mistakes so that they learn from it. No need to correct them most of the time.

When their book is not perfectly aligned, they will know why and do as guided.

But sometimes misaligned book looks interesting as well, right.

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