Counting Money : Counting Cents

First, I made a circle with value. 50 sen, 80 sen, RM 1.00.

I asked Muhammad, our 8-years old to put the coins accordingly.

It was easy for him, but RM 1.00 was quite tricky.

So I teach him that RM 1.00 is equivalent to 100 cents.

I did try to teach him 1-2 years ago, but he wasn’t ready at that time. But Alhamdulillah at this time, he managed to do this activity easily.

Asian mathematic workbook wrote their book is suitable for age 4-6 years old, I think that is overclaim. I observed that for kids to understand coin counting, they first need to master with mathematic basic counting, such as those with tens.

For my other younger kids, I learnt that I don’t want to push them for this money counting too soon. I need them to be creative, independent thinker and resourceful; maths and counting will come by eventually.

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