Discovering Fractions During Breakfast

We had bread burger for breakfast.

I asked Muhammad to prepare everything.  From spreading the mayonnaise, sauce and putting on the burger. 

This knife in the picture below is specially made for kids, we bought it at Ikea. 

First I asked Muhammad to cut the bread into half. Half is cutting into 2.

First he cut into half

Then he cut into 4. I introduced the term quarter.

Later on we might do worksheet about this if he’s interested.

Then into quarter
Triangle shaped is much of what Hannah and Anas prefer

Then we discussed the shapes of the bread. He read about various shapes from his mathematic comic book.

Then I decided to ask him to experiment with the square shapes. How to make it rectangle and triangle.

Turn out the kids love the triangular bread shape. Maybe because its smaller in size.

We also discussed that when Muhammad cut the bread burger into triangle shaped, we can get more quantity than square shaped.

Hannah and Anas are more leaned to eat those triangle shaped bread burger.

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