Gross Motor Skill : Throw Your Toy

Get ActiveThey throw plush toys initially just for fun.

But then they started to see who can throw farthest.

Then I put a box at the floor so that they would have target.

Should we throw it while sitting? Or standing? Or semi sitting?

I put a box


Throw it into the box



They experimented a lot of technique.

We also changed the box position, each time everyone has succeed to throw their toys into the box.

I also asked of those who managed to throw into the box to help others who still struggling.

And of those struggling I asked them to ask those who already make it.

For me everyone can and should succeed and I wish to instill the attitude ‘lets win this together.’ Communication is the key. 

If you don’t know how to do it, keep trying and ask those who already make it and keep on practicing.

If you already made it, help others. We don’t have to put down other people just to win or reach our target. The world will be a better place if we help each other.

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