Home Made Baby Bath :)

(updated at 19/4: with baby bath recipe)

Alhamdulillah we manage to ‘produce’ our own home made natural baby bath that is free of dangerous chemicals 🙂 It’s shocking to really know that most of the branded baby products contains so many chemicals which are harmful to the baby. These product are not so harmful to us adults, but are to babies since these new comers absorb 6 times more chemicals into their body compared to us.

This is our so called baby bath, with a few drops of green tea & lemon fragrance (natural ma… Not the so call ‘fragrance’ that are normally in those commercial products)…

The recipe:
1/2 cup of milk powder
1/4 cup cornstarch
few drops of essential oil
1/2 cup of finely blended oat (good for skin, especially if you have chickenpox. but we didnt mix in oat yet, malas nak cari :P)

Sprinkle some of the baby bath mixture into bathtub. The water will look like milk bath – just as what you experience at spa.

Owh, this is the essential oil we bought from Body Shop @ Mesra Mall… Quite costly for a small bottle of fragrance. But since it is NATURAL, why not?

To those who are still thinking twice about going NATURAL, please do some research on the harmless chemicals you can find at the back of you baby products. I believe we want the best for our child, right?

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