My Nesting : House Make-over

My sister and her family baru balik Kuantan after nearly 2 weeks at Mak’s house. So we went back home as well.

P.s : When my siblings visited Mak & Apak, it’s a great thing for us to overnight my parent’s as well sebab well, bukan selalu jumpa and our kids get to play with theirs and we have lots to catch up.

Alhamdulillah I’m blessed with harmony and great family. No whining in thr family. No pressure given. Just be yourself.

From Saturday until today, we were busy cleaning-up the house to prepare for new furnitures that will be coming in today.

Hannah sedang cuba screw katil Muhammad. This is one of the way to avoid tantrum since Hannah suka betul nak main dengan screwdriver ni.


Baru make-over rumah, belum pindah lagi.

Anyway saya sangat berpuas hati with our effort together sebab by doing this, I get to know every spot of our house.

I get myself to embrace whatever was it in the kitchen’s drawer or cabinet.

Menggelikan juga tengok. Oh my. Kenapa all this while I didn’t properly organize my own house. I used to stuff everything around.

Muslim kan seharusnya pembersih. Malu dengan Rasulullah s.a.w…? ? ?  (Terlalu masih rindu dengan Umrah Ziarah di Tanah Haram)

Dalam laci tu lah ada bekas belacan, dalam laci yang sama segala resit dan ubat pil Chi Kit.

Alhamdulillah Allah beri kekuatan dan kudrat untuk kami sama-sama clean-up the house although I’m currently at my 32+ weeks.

Well, for me, this is nesting.

Nesting ni adalah term untuk mak yang bakal bersalin sebulan dua lagi. Ada orang hibernate dalam rumah, ada orang cat satu rumah, ada orang kerjanya shopping je dalam tempoh nesting.

Sebelum-sebelum ni nesting saya adalah layan movie and other things. But this time around, baby ni nak suruh nesting cara cleaning-up and start new.

Arrangement master bedroom pun kasi tukar.

Insya-Allah soon to the road of buying our own land & building our very own bungalow. So we get the idea how we want to arrange each room, more or less.

To hire interior designer for our bungalow? We might consider but for now we have our own preferences ❤️

So if any of you my beloved readers yang follow me at Facebook or YouTube but saw that I didn’t update my account for sometime, this is just the reason.

Don’t worry, insya-Allah I think we will get everything done by this Friday. Tapi stor bawah tangga might take just more time sebab contractor bagitau maybe 2-3 weeks.

Alhamdulillah as well my business blog dah mula ok semalam. So I’d find some time to copy and paste my drafted post. And this thing need my attention more than Facebook update, I think.

I have my own schedule that if I’m off track, I havr to chase myself.

Well, I need to be consistent kan ?

Till then!

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