Letter of The Day : I for Ice Cream

We play letter of the day ‘I for Ice Cream’ today, and we covered lots of things.

Let me share in this post how this play accommodate our 4 children; 7-months old Hajar, 3-years old Hannah, 5-years old Maryam and 8-years old Muhammad.

Imagination Play

First, we made ice cream.

We used any left over from the craft from previous days. Among other things:

  • Cotton balls for the ice cream vanilla
  • The origami papers, fold into cone shaped. Actually you can use any paper or decorate your cone in any design.
  • Yarn for drizzle effect of the ice cream.
  • Left over of hardened play dough, as cherry top

And ta-da! The ice cream is set.

The masking tape is using to glue the papers, it’s easier for the kids rather than using glue

Pretend Play

Then we set up ice cream booth selling both cone ice cream and popsicle ice cream.

The girls play for quite a long time, they also made ice creams for their plush toys and for everyone in their family.

From this play, they learn to arrange those ice creams and it’s accessories, learn to take orders, waiting for orders and more.

They also add paper cup to make ice cream in cup.


The ice cream accessories

Baby Play

Our 7-months old Hajar also enjoy this play. She took some of the popsicle ice cream and tried to taste it.

The girls made some for her and she tried to investigate why is this one felt paper like, not like the real ice cream.

Handwriting & Math

Our 8-years old son is currently practicing with his handwriting.

So I asked him if he could write for the ice cream’s stall menu. We wrote the price for two types of ice cream and we put it on the front of the table.

Although the girls have yet to learn counting money, but this menu made their stall looks a bit real.

Had we have enough coins, we definitely would make some play involving paying some money and giving balance. Maybe later.

Maryam is taking orders

I love how this letter of the day incorporate so many things at once. I believe children learn best through integration.

Till then!

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