Fine Motor Skills | Letter of The Day | Theme : Spider

Letter of the day : S for Spider

Today we made Spider craft to learn the sound ‘Sss’

Our kids easily like this activity because they like to watch the Spider-Man movie ?

We made spider web, and spiders crawling the alphabet S.

The Spider Web

The material we used:

  • White papers
  • Black papers
  • Paper cup to make circle for spider’s body
  • Color pencils used to trace
  • Glue
  • Punch holder
  • Googly eyes, or if you don’t have it, just make set of eyes using that black and white paper
  • Scissors
  • Yarn for spider web

The kids loved to lace the spider web despite it’s complexity, maybe because the spider web in their books looks cute.

  1. For the spider web, our kids cut the circle at middle of the paper plate.
  2. Then they punch the paper plate and lace it.
The web they hang onto our sofa. Later they hang them at our stairs. That spider in there is glued and stucked in the web.

Our 3-years old was more interested to keep on cutting everything including the papers and yarn and play with the glue.

This is normal for her age and it’s quite important as well as to enhance her fine motor skills.

The Letter S and Spiders Crawling

Maryam made a story for this.

First the spider crawl from the top, it was happy. At the middle of the ‘Ss’, he realized he was alone and has no friend. He was sad.

Then at the end of the ‘Ss’ he was happy again because he met a friend.

She wrote the word, but she is yet to read on her own. She wrote so many things on her own, copying everything from her book.

I think she is trying to decode the sound of each letter by herself.

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