Macaroni Counting 1-5

It’s been a challenging thing to help Maryam with counting.

Initially she can count until 2. But it always 1,2,6 or 1,2,4

So I thought maybe with interesting activity, she will get the concept.

Alhamdulillah as for today she can count until 5 in sequence. 

I used muffin tray for this, selotape and write the numbers.

We had lots of unused macaroni, so I just grab some of it.

Put in the macaroni according to the number. But for Hannah, 3 years old, I don’t really mind. She just put it in for fun. For Maryam, she tried to make it right, so I counted with her.
Using kitchen tong to make it more fun. The kids love it!
We tried to put it in another container. Just to experiment together. Later, the kids make it shake.

After putting macaroni accordingly into the tray, we also put macaroni in other container.

They made shake play with it, identifying which has more and less macaroni. And which make the loudest sound if shaken.

They also do role play – feeding their plush toys.

Maryam played with the dog and the fox

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