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Find Your Name on Mega Block

This play is called find your name.

I am not pushing Hannah 3 years old, to begin reading. But more to celebrate Maryam, 5 years old, who begin to show that she’s eager to find meaning in the ABC letters.

For Hannah or kids that doesn’t show yet that they are interested in letters, it is better for our kids to do shape sorter first.

I learnt that among the reading preparation for kids include playing shape sorter, sort their toys according to it’s class, etc.

Alphabet has no meaning to toddlers.

But they can be fun if we tell them this is their name. It has this shape and this.

Hannah prefer her name to has letter O because we called her Ochee. O is naturally came to her mind as Ochee.

Maybe next time I write O instead of H.

Nevertheless, Maryam really enjoyed playing with this megablock name puzzle. She tried to find everyone’s name including Hannah’s and Anas’

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