Name Puzzle Maryam

Waking up this morning, I was so excited to get email from Playdough to Plato after long holiday.

This morning she sent name puzzle freebies. You can click it here.

Immediately I edit the file according to our children’s name, and print it before anyone wakes up. Yes, it can be edited. How cool is that!

In the same email, she also teach how to help our children to learn the letters in their name via nursery rhyme.

It was very amazing!

I made song for baby Hajar, and there’s also song for Maryam and Hannah.

Be sure to check it out here :

Back to the name puzzle, it can be done in various ways.

As for me, I printed them out, cut each of them and put it inside an envelope for each of the picture.


When it’s time for the kids ready to play, I gave them one envelope at a time.

First they need to arrange those puzzle. Then paste it onto the envelope.

Maryam paste those puzzle on the envelope

But for Muhammad, our 8-years old, he can do all at once.

The kids love it!


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