Fine Motor Skills

Name Puzzle

This is the most simple version.

I find my children’s photo, then I print it out. 

I wrote their name accordingly and cut it.

We helped them to arrange their name onto a yellow paper and glue the puzzle.

I wrote about it in detail at this post.

It’s a bit because their names got more than either the letter a or m or h or n.

We guide them to arrange it first, only then to glue it.

Arrange the picture first.

Then we got the idea to make it into photo frame. Maryam & Hannah drew few things on their frame next to their picture.

I also learnt that from here my children learnt that the letters in their name has their own placement.

For example, Maryam name cannot simply put the letter ‘m’ right next to the letter ‘r’. We might do more of names activity. Stay tuned!

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