Our 2 Criteria to Choose Stroller for Travel.

Only one thing matter to us, is it comfortable enough for our kids?

Basically there are 2 criteria that we set :

  • We need stroller that can be fold easily, which means you can use just one hand to fold and unfold.
  • And we also need stroller that can recline to the max, not just for sitting.

Recline-able stroller is important for us because our kids can get in tantrum mood once they are tired of running around or playing.

Or they can also be in tantrum mode if suddenly out of nowhere, they are sleepy.

So the stroller has always been huge relief when our kids need to lie down in the middle of mountain hiking or lake cruising or park strolling.

Our stroller that has been used since the last 4 years was the brand ‘Baby & Trend’

It is a twin stroller. Help us a lot since we have 4 kids.

The tyre is big. It has helped us carry our sleepy toddler while hiking rocky mountain at Pamukkale at Turkey.

It also fit to enter the Japan subway trains and JR trains.

Before you buy any stroller, get to know your kids first.

Choose our kids’ comfortness first because if they throw their tantrum and cannot get enough rest, our mood will be spoilt as well.

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