Our Kids and Reading

Suddenly the 3 of them were in a good mood with each other, and they sat together after lunch to read the book.

Muhammad, our eldest, 8-years old was sent to various of kindergarten when he was around 4-6 years old. Usually we stop sending him because we travelled a lot.

He managed to decode the reading by 7 years old. But prior to that, we used various technique, asian parent technique that involvedd drilling him to read certain words. I am not proud of that. I wish I can delete that memory of forcing him.

So for his younger siblings, I vow not to force them, but to let them learn to read in gracious and fun way.

Along the way I learnt that reading is just one of the skill. But to be able to survive and be independent, there’s a lot more than that.

Maryam, aged 5-years old haven’t able to read yet. But she is so creative. She is strong willed and quite resourceful. So is Hannah.

For both of them, I tried to make reading fun, such as reading the nursery rhyme books, put the books everywhere, make letters activity, etc.

I do not want to put any expectation for them. For me, as long as they grow happy, creative, and resourceful, that is okay. Reading will catch up later. I want my children to be able to think independently, to know their passion, to be creative and not just follow the flow.

Yes, reading is super important, but so as other life skills.

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