Potato Painting : Toddler Mess Free Watercolor Activity

Yesterday we did one of Hands on As We Grow’s challenge, which is potato painting.

The kids love food stamping. But this time around we are not doing any stamping, instead, something new and less mess.

We are doing potato rolling!

The 4 materials

For this activity, our materials were:

• Zipped bag.
• Used paper
• Potato
• Watercolor of 4 colors, we just need a dab of it.

I’ve squirt just a little watercolor on the paper.


How to do it :

1. Put the paper into the bag
2. Squirt a little watercolor onto the paper. Just a dot is enough.
3. Put the potato in the bag.
4. Zip the bag.
5. Start rolling the potato in the bag, or shake it or anything you want to do.

The kids love to see how the color mix together and the pattern it made. So beautiful.

After few rolls in the bag

Miss 3 wanted to unzip the bag, but no, not yet.

Later, we dry up the bag and potato outside under the sunshine.

This activity is less mess or should I say, mess free 😍 I don’t have to do any cleaning. The kids help with cleaning the potato and the bag when they play in the swimming pool later.

Yay for mess free but fun activity!

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