Potato Stamping With Watercolor

Last time we did carrot stamping, the kids love it.

This time we bought extra potatoes for stamping, I thought potato was easy to carve.

True enough, it was easy to carve, but it’s also tricky to stamp. It’s softer when we dipped them into watercolor.

So when my children want to stamp hard, the color splashed.

I made star shaped potato stamp and tree shaped.

See the color splat. My 3-years old tried to stamp it hard while looking at my 8-years old trying to stamp them lightly.

But, well, toddler still has some practice needed to control their hand.

So, it’s ok she splat it a lot. As long as she’s having fun.

I was getting frustrated at first, but never mind. This is learning experience for all of us.

But to get those beautiful tree shaped, I helped them to stamp it lightly, or, stamp it a few times until it looks good.

Come the cleaning up process, my 5-years old help. Thank God, Alhamdulillah.

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