Potty Train

Potty Train Part 1

Rentetan daripada cerita saya kat entry ni, ada selit sikit pasal Muhammad and diapers at point no. 5, saye pun dok lah ter pk2, kat mana nak tanya pasal potty train. Kalau ikut cara mak…, every one hour or every 10 minutes, kena masuk toilet. Can there be any easier way? 😛 Dah ler baby ni masih belum pandai cakap.

Alhamdulillah Allah gerakkan hati untuk cek kat grup Natural Parenting. Teringat pernah discuss about it. Bila search, ehhhhh, last year I did start a thread abt potty training lahhh. Nasib baik serach dulu sebelum tanya. Kang buat malu je saye sendiri pernah tanya sebelum ni 😛 But these natural living mamas use EC technique. Haaaa, sejak newborn boleh start. EC adalah elimination communication. Beza sikit ngan potty train.

Konsep EC ni, kita learnt about cue anak bila dia nak pee or poo. Alhamdulillah Muhammad dah pandai tunjuk sign since, monthsss ago.

Alhamdulillah Muhammad tengah2 malam meamang tak pee or poo at all. It has been for how many weeks pun dah tak ingat. Dia geli kot kalau tengah malam mak apak dia malas nak tukar 😛 Dia memang geli ngan pee and poo since baby!! Sikit je kencing, dah menangis macam kena dera, dah kena tukar diapers T_____T So, the challenges would be day care.

We’re planning to start EC by tonight- malam ni kasi diapers free. But of course lapik ngan napkin. Kata pun first time, jadi harus lah cuak 😛 Then tomorrow morning, start masuk toilet. Alkisahnya, memang dah jadi rutin, tgh malam diapaer adalah kering. Tapi lepas je tukar diapers untuk awal pagi, terus Muhammad akan shee shee dengan heavy nya. So plannya, esok pagi- pagi, Muhammad celik je mata, hubby akan terus bawak Muhammad masuk toilet. And wait until him shee shee. And while dia shee shee, buatkan bunyi ‘shhhhhh’. Mind you, Muhammad masih belum bercakap., showing signs tu alhamdulillah dia reti

Saye nak paste kat cni lah discussion tu. Paste yg ada input je. Hehe. Biasa lah, mak- mak ni kadang borak, ada out of topic 😛

At first, someone shared about their potty training. Then mothers who practiced EC chipped in. Yang potty train tu saya share reference website je lah ek. Well explained at the website. I would paste about EC discussions only

Janet Chung: u can visit this link for more tips on PT. http://momsntots.com.my/pottytraining.htm
Mazlina Zainal: Elimination communication… I practiced this with 3 of my 4 kids… You learn the signs and sounds your baby makes when he/she eliminates, and respond to it by giving him/her the chance to eliminate in a container/potty instead of in the cloth/dispo diapers… It’s a long process, not like the conventional potty training where you start after the baby turns 1.5/2 years, and expect him/her to get it in a few weeks/months… You’re communicating with your baby in this dept. Like you do with everything else your baby needs, ie. BF, sleep etc. And you need to be very patient…

Mazlina Zainal: My ds1 went thro’ conventional potty training, at the same time i started EC-ing [email protected] months old. Ds1 completed his toilet training in 2.5 months i think. Ds2, on the other hand, got very good at communicating his needs, he told me almost everytime when needed to pee or poo… He was completely diaper free and used the potty by himself at 18 months!

Mazlina Zainal: With ds3 n dd, I started watching their expressions when doing their pee n poo right from birth… But when you have older kids, I became a bit lazy… But continue EC-ing casually, responding to the signs of needing to eliminate. Eventually, both ds3 n dd became very reliable day n night around age 2+. Using cloth diapers make EC-ing easier as we can get a good idea of how long between one wetting n the other by checking whether or not the diaper is dry. Catching poo is much easier coz when babies do it, it’s very easy to see (n smell!!)

Rayhana Umm Ayman: but cannot overstress. if not sure tak jadi. 😛
for no 1 fully trained by 2. before that, out of diapers by 1.
no 2, fully trained by.. um.. 18 months? out of diapers.. um.. about
the same as no. 1,i.e. when we’re out we don’t wear diapers.
Kids will tell us when they want to go. Or we kinda ‘feel’ that they need to go, so we take them to the toilet.
most of the time, they’re nakey butt, or in underwear at home.we have accidents, of course.. especially when dad not home, or sickness, travelling..etc etc.. but it’s like, normal and i accept it as stepping stones to better communication of when they need to go.. with no. 2 it was much easier coz i knew what to expect and what not to :p

Rayhana Umm Ayman:
just start with getting them to associate the deed and the sound. whatever sound you make. sshh sshh.. or ng ng.. it doesn’t have to be in a potty. with no. 2 i never used a potty for her and it’s so much easier. my little 2yo has been sitting on the big toilet for the past couple of months, without any toilet reducer ok! can balance, sometimes want to read book some more, mashaa Allaah! :p
so if you know they’re doing the deed.. make the sound. it can be in the diaper, or in a loosely tied diaper.. after a while, once they connect the deed and the sound, they’ll connect the muscles they use.. then they can perform when expected 😛 joking.. rather, do the deed when they need to, i.e. like when we take them for a toilet break.

Rayhana Umm Ayman: however, the end goal really, isn’t to potty train them early or whatever.. but it is to create a communication which transcends sounds and deeds.. sometimes it’s purely intuition! :p
potty training by 1.5/2yo is like.. bonus la.

Adibah Abu Bakar: sounds not so easy and requires patience!may i know if all you EC mommas are SAHM?

Rayhana Umm Ayman: I am. but it CAN be done if your child is looked after by a family member, or a babysitter. or you can do parttime EC. start simple. the first thing in the morning, when baby gets up.. take to the loo. they’ll do the deed, 99% of the time! then make the sound. try to practise whenever you are with your little bub. they’ll soon get the hang of it! get the family member/babysitter to try it too 😉

Jasmin Choy: 🙂

The point is, just do it. Tak payah fikir banyak-banyak. Bila lepas minum susu, bila bangun, just terus pi tandas, mintak anak kencing. Lepas makan, bawa ke tandas, tanya nak berak tak.

Takde, tak pe. Cuba lagi dalam 1 jam.

Rayhana Umm Ayman: basically, EC ni.. ikut baby, anak. macam kita jugak. we have toilet breaks too. so do babies/kids! difference is, we let them go where we go.. and not in a diaper.. so we don’t have to untrain them from diapers later..
then again, some prefer to ‘train’ their kids after 3 or 4.. easier, they say. and less stress. and less time.

Qay Muhd: my boy poo.no prob.bt the pee is always acdnt..had 2 drag him 2 pee even if he says he dnt want n will get a result.anyway jst manage 2 pt on wknd only n nsery,no help.any idea wat 2 do?

Jasmin Choy:My husband’s friend told us he gently carries his young ones (all girls) to toilet around midnight and get them to pee. They don’t pee in bed unless they are ill so can’t control themselves.

We tried it on our boys. Success for the 1st one. 2nd one had to take 2x (once at 10.30 n 2nd time at midnight). Then no bed accidents.

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