Qtip Painting & More Discussion

Fine motor skill is to prepare our child to hold color, pen and pencil with the right grip so that they can write better. 

Also for life survival such as button their own shirt, able to zip their own pants, etc.

One of fine motor skill activity involved with fingers grasping that can be done easily is qtip painting.

This activity is especially for Hannah & Anas. But also for Maryam & Muhammad having fun.

I put my old cloth as layer not to mess with the floor. The papers were put on the old cloth.

We use Qtips because we had lots of Qtips. We don’t have any brush yet.

Oh my baby Hajar wanted to be lifted

They looked happy doing this activity.

They colored printed pictures and their flashcards that have pictures.

After coloring the paper, I asked Muhammad to help dry the paper. While at it, both of us discuss about why and how to dry the paper.

Why do we put heavy books on top of the paper.

Why do we need to put the paper under the fan or under the sun.

He already understand that sun helps to dry our clothes. So this time we explore how wind helps with drying.

One activity accommodates various ages. Phew.

I am so thankful for this.

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