Space Theme : Moon and The Rocket

For this theme, we used 2 Usborne books that we’ve bought for ages. Thankfully those books are not entirely torn yet.

The books are : Moon Zoom and On the Moon

We made moon out of paper plate.

The kids just paint it with color orange and white. They didn’t really excited about white color, so they paint everything in orange.

Working with watercolor and paper plate for the easy moon part


Maryam wrote the word moon. Maybe she was excited to find that two books writing the same word -moon

Then we sparkle their moon with shred of papers, of those that they cut and punch using punch holder.

We discussed what the sparkles mean. The white paper can be astronauts on the moon.

The other colors can be moon’s rock, etc.

Next we made rocket together using the tissue roll, color papers and selotape.

The kids love it. Muhammad made one more by himself. His rocket looks great because it also has fire (he used red paper for this)

Muhammad and Anas constructing their rocket

Maryam paste on her name on her rocket and also wrote the word ‘rocket’ by herself. 

She’s currently in the mood labeling her drawing.

Hannah and Anas, well, they played a bit with their rocket until the rocket doesn’t look like rocket anymore.

I’m not sure where Maryam knows about rocket but while reading the book, she tells me that upon arriving at the moon, the rocket will then split.

The book didn’t say this. Maybe she get it from watching movies.

We also discussed about the astronaut in the book go bouncing on the moon, although I’m not really sure how to explain better about gravity.

I just let them know that the moon surface might have texture like that mattress that they like to bounce on.

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