Star Activity – Identify Constellation

Yesterday we went shopping for craft supplies, and well the kids want to buy some too.

So after searching high and low, we found that they prefer to get some beads. The girls are getting heart shaped beads, while Mr 8 opt for star shaped beads.

At first I don’t have any idea as what to do with star beads. Until I remembered that Mr 8 love to read anything about space. We did read something about constellation, but I just dismissed it quickly because I don’t really know how to make it fun.

Well, we have star beads now, it’s time to make use of it. That’s how the idea to make constellation activity comes.

First, I printed star gazing free printable from…/adventure-challenge-we…

Then we construct the constellation together.

I was hoping we can spot some of the stars that night, but the sky was cloudy, so maybe next time.

If you don’t have star beads, you can just use any bead shapes.

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