Tips Tak Sakit Bersalin

Tak sure nak letak tajuk apa. Senang cerita- tak sakit, seronok, tak kisah lama mana pun labor. So, here it is

Ni copy discussion dalam group. For my own reference. Precious tips from Kak Afiza.
 Kalau ada masa sy edit lagi untuk pemahaman diri sendiri, based on others sharing and info. Kak Afiza shared her birth video, tapi video tu private, so i wont shre it here. Homebirth. But what caught me most- she SMILED!! throughout the surges!! Hebat takkkkk. Surges adalah ayat lain untuk contraction

NOTE: Only for the one who is into HypnoBirthing or Homebirth. Anda dijemput untuk baca Muhammad’s hypnobirth kat link ini ^_^ Insya-Allah akan story mory more about the painless gentle natural birth more- to share with public about HEBATNYA ALLAH, and to refresh myself as well. Knowledge is power ya people., dont simply cakap bersalin adalah hal remeh-temeh

Why lactacyd?  (dia sediakan lactacyd alongside other things which made us curious)
The lactacyd is to bathe baby.. cos from our experience with Andy last year, we didnt really wash him so he got some polyps near his neck (its like small whitish round growth)… i was told it was caused by bacteria and urea which got to him when his passed thru the birth canal.. we just put few drops in a basin of water to bathe baby..

i managed to really shut down my body n let my uterus work itself to birth baby… tht silent moment where i was just listening to my own breathing n feeling the muscles of my womb work itself to lead bby downwards n out. TRULY AMAZING! i was just slumped n limp on the pillows n the lower part of my body was like hvg its own mind working away… n yes, no tears, hubby said my perineum was thick, not thin. supposedly the breathing did allow enuf blood to go to the areas assisting for birth. and gosh… NO PAIN! :))

breathe , breathe and BREATHE!… deep and hard , mouth partially closed n smile… this is really for you NOT to tear down there. i just felt it stretch but no ring of fire at all . 🙂

just breathe normally, dont tahan ur breath, cos nanti semput, and u get tired later.

Lotus birth- keeping placenta until it drop off by itself
1) i put drops of breastmilk on navel area like Maria Zain suggested. it dries the area.
2) yes, we washed it warm running tap wateo r n covered it w rosemary powder to preserve it n so it doesnt smell.
3) breastfeed w cord attached….carefully maneuver urself n baby so tht cord doesnt get stretched- any position, lying down on side, sitting up agaisnt wall… its really easy 🙂

4) not necessary for them to clean with salt water. normal running tap water and immediate rosemary powder. the first part to dry up is the cord linking to placenta… last to dry is the part nearest to navel.  

Did she has the urge to push?

No. just let body go limp loose …i merely slumped myself on the pillows… and breathe…in, out, in , out…labored breathing not too fast, and not too slow breaths…and you will literally feel ur uterus/womb doing all the moving…and pushing bby out! i didnt push cos i didnt wanna tear.

breathing helped channel all the blood to womb and birth canal so my perineum was intact and thick (acc to what hubby saw lah)… i really ‘tahan’ the urge to push and just breathe only. it is accomplish-able. and bcos this is my 2nd homebirth, i knew exactly what i needed to do this time… 
u can avoid pushing cos ur mind already conditioned to just do breathing and not pushing. so tht was what happened to me

*nanti edit lagik, nak breakfast jap*

true about the bby going in and out… i felt arick crowning with a surge, but then he went back in, he crowned a bit again and went back in again… becasue i was following the surges’ temperament. i cud hv pushed if i was impatient. but reminded myself to relax n go w the flow…a long and big surge came finally expelled the bby’s head out… u literally can feel uterus moving , doing its work on bby. Trust ur uterus too!

active labor was when nana timed me 3-4 mins apart. in between, i had to pee, so i insisted goin to the loo tho hubby said just pee lah in the pool. NO WAY! :)…moment i peed, another surge came..i knew it was active labor cos of the back to back surges (1-2mins apart), but i was managing it A-OK. i looked down at my VJJ and saw this stringy membrane like thing and i thot, mucus? cnt be! i had a hunch it was the water bag membrane but dismissed it… lo and behold it was ! quickly when on my knees again in pool in time for another surge (how i managed that , godknows!) and i told Nana Ghazali “i think another 2-3 surges , bby kluar ni”…i was right!… i really listened to my body, u know?

Birth breathing – easy. try mouth closed and breathe in and out moderately fast thru nose only. i breathed faster when bby’s head was coming out casue i wasnted it to come out fast..hehe. head and shoulders and bloop!…bby out semua.  

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