Toddler Quiet Activity : Cutting

One of our 3-years old favorite quiet activity is cutting.

She loves to cut be it cutting papers or playdough or her cloth or her hair.

If she finds papers, she will cut it regardless whether it’s plain paper or printed or colored or Maryam’s or Muhammad’s.

And later if she finds the glue, she will paste the cut paper onto another paper.

Or she will just spread the glue on the floor.

If not, she will make the cut paper into some pretend food that she will serve on muffin tray, or picnic play cloth or anything.

I observed her cutting skills are getting better when she cut out pictures. Her cutting becomes neater.

Hence, I love printing freebies for her so that she will have more pictures to cut ❤️

Cutting is important skill because it helps strengthening her hand muscle that later important to help her write neatly, holding things steadily and do many more things.

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