Traveling Perth : Is Driving Car Essential

Prior to visiting Perth, I thought car is essential or at least a must.

We are a family that when we traveled, we usually used public transport to go around. So car with carseats for our 4 children is a bit frustrating.

To add to our frustration, the car that we rented is actually shabby ? Oh, that’s why the price is lowest among other car rental companies.

That really kill the mood.

So during the first few days we traveled by car in Perth, it was full of drama.

Furthermore, if you stay in CBD (Central Business District) area, it’s not advisable to rent a car

This is because if you want to go shopping or buy groceries, the car need to be parked at different building that the mall building.

Busses in CBD are free and very easy to navigate using Google Maps & the apps TransPerth.

Their schedule were frequent too.

The bus put out it’s ramp once the driver saw we are family with twin stroller

What about traveling outside CBD?

Public transport in Perth also covers outside CBD travels for example to Mandurah, Rockingham, Lancelin, Albany.

Just use Google Maps and TransPerth for directions.

Google Map was our best friend


So is TransPerth App

For example, to go to Mandurah and Rockingham, you can take train using Mandurah Line.

To go to Lancelin or Albany, you need to transfer train and bus.

Albany by public transport took about 8 hours but it sounds convenient when we are also walking in between.

The weather in winter is very nice around 13C to 17C.

What if I need to use car

We can opt for Uber.

Family with children can request Uber Family that has carseat.

For me using public transport saved a lot of our children drama and they also the type that loves using train.

Trains at Perth are not that congested like one in Tokyo or Sapporo in Japan. Lots of room for our kids to even running around.

P.s : Or just maybe if the car rented look shiny, maybe our kids will behave better? ?

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