Acitivities with The Book Maisy’s Plane

Currently I am busy with the kids. 

Yesterday we started our activities with reading book together. We read Maisy’s Plane, Maisy the firefighter; plus some activities afterwards.

We made Sun, Clouds, Fire engine, etc.

Read aloud together


Anas loved elephant in the book


We made plane together

Since we read Maisy’s Plane, we decided to make ourselves a plane.

I just Google how to fold fast flying plane and do it together with the kids.

Later the kids also draw and paste yellow paper on white paper saying it’s the sun as in the book. They put the paper on their’s room along with drawing of cloud.

Then they fly the plane to hit the sun.

Seen below Hannah and Anas cutting yellow papers to make the sun of their own.

The toddlers love cutting papers activity

Hannah also colored red fire engine.

Hannah coloring fire engine while holding onto her sun

Maryam on the other hand tries to a plane full of rabbits. Of which first, she draw lots of rabbits. Then she fold the paper into plane paper. Maryam loves rabbit.

Thankfully Muhammad, my eldest son, helped me a lot to handle his siblings.

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