When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Hello baby number 4. Nak keluar bila?

Ok, baru 36 weeks. Kalau Gynae mesti cakap belum matang.

I started becoming a bit impatient and furious by 34th week. My pelvic floor is somewhat rasa more soreness than ever.

Kalau Google, simptom ni dipanggil Pubic Symphysis. It is completely normal sebab baby dah turun to make her way out.

Tapi sebabkan baby semakin berat, ianya menekan pelvic floor dengan semakin kuat. Hence the feeling as if ada bruise kat bawah tu.

Kalau takat rasa lebam, ok boleh tahan.

Tapi pakej sekali dengan it’s not that easy untuk wake up at night and go to the toilet. The idea of pusing-pusing atas katil pun, Masya-Allah.

Hence my strong wish to induce the baby naturally. Please baby.

Ok enough complaining.

Anyway, I learnt quite something from this.

This is something that I don’t cheer or welcome in my late pregnancy stage. But I cannot control it. I cannot even do much to speed up when the baby will come out.

We tried lots of natural induction method, but yet, I still haven’t felt it’s head crowning.

So I taught to myself, maybe I need to make peace with whatever is happening right now.

Start with gratitude.

There’s so much to be thankful of.

One, is that my spouse is very supportive. He tried to persuade me to just let the baby make her own decision as when to come out safely and healthily.

At the same time he helped to do the cooking and house chores since I can’t really do much.

My taste right now is ayam goreng ayam goreng ayam goreng. I can cook other dishes, but I won’t eat it because ayam goreng is just what I’m craving for right now.

So my hubby helped to cook other dishes for our kids, and at the same time busy managing our growing company, Fames.

My hubby also helped a lot with natural induction and most importantly, perineum massage.

I insisted on perineum massage sebab this time I don’t want to be cuak when it’s time for baby’s head to come out. I don’t want to feel the ring of fire.

Hubby helped so much that I wish I can let him go to Fames’ meeting at anytime, and it’s ok if I have to give birth by myself while he’s at work.

He has helped me prepared so much.

Well, tak tahu lah baby ni nak keluar bila pun kan.

Historically salah seorang adik saya, masa Mak bersalinkan dia, my Apak sedang outstation overseas.

Alhamdulillah I saw that this sister of mine grew up great, successful, achieved what she wants, very very independent and happily married.

Whatever it is, to kill the time and not overthinking, I am doing these :

1- Be grateful

2- List our family’s target from May to December

3- Push myself to continue blogging for my business blog

4- Find any good movies

5- Start over with our kids’ unschooling activities; mana yang saya larat lah

Well, if we can’t do much to change something, there must be a way to turn the unwanted situation to some fruitful and celebrated situation ?

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